Embracing Our Destiny Stewardship Campaign

YEAR 1 – 2021

Dear Eastview family,

Date: February 3, 2021

Greetings in the name of Jesus!

This past year has been quite an experience for most of us. Yet, while there may be a considerable amount of uncertainty in our world right now, there are a few things that remain steadfast and sure.  This church is built upon a rock and we have a mission that has not changed.  I believe that we are living in the greatest hour of opportunity for the church! Like Esther, we were brought to the kingdom for such a time as this. God has favored our church with a rich heritage, a great team, great people, and unmeasured potential! It is time for us to live out the mission before us. 

Last year we launched the Embracing Our Destiny Campaign, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we were unable to finish the launch process.  On Sunday, February 28th, Eastview United Pentecostal Church will relaunch this exciting journey of faith.  Please understand this campaign is about so much more than finances, it is about vision, faith, unity, and answering the call of God. This service will initiate a journey of prayer and discussion regarding a God-given vision for the future of Eastview. In the coming weeks, I will be sharing more with you about what this capital stewardship campaign is all about and how we can each align ourselves with the preferred future God has in mind for Eastview. 

On relaunch Sunday (February 28th) I will be unveiling the theme and set the tone for this exciting journey of faith.  I will also be sharing some important dates related to the campaign. Would you please make every effort to be at this service and to join me in praying that we will live concurrent with urgency of the hour? I must tell you, that you are the key to this effort. The success of this campaign hinges on our willingness to embrace a God-appointed destiny for this church.

Please mark the dates below on your calendar for upcoming special services. I need you; we need each other. Together, with God, we will see this city and Angelina county impacted with the message and love of Jesus Christ!

In His service,

Pastor David Hunt


Re-Launch Service – Sunday, February 28
Re-launch Sunday is an opportunity to call the church back to the stewardship journey and revisit the compelling case statement made last year to remind the church that God has a call on us to a great vision. This service will build faith & expectancy for the church. A special E3D prayer card with focused prayer points will be handed out.
Vision Service – March 14
This service will provide critical information to help each family understand their capacity to give and how to begin preparing their hearts to hear from God regarding their three-year financial pledge. The purpose of this service is to answer the question “How can I be a part of this?” Each family will be presented a 16-page booklet detailing the vision and goals of the campaign, answering many questions and providing critical information for you to consider before making your commitment. This service will end with a clear call to prayer and fasting
2 Weeks of Prayer & Fasting – March 15-27
Church-Wide Prayer – Monday, March 15, 7-8 PM
Church-Wide Prayer – Monday, March 22, 7-8 PM
Commitment Sunday – March 28
Commitment Sunday will be an extraordinary moment in our church history. Weeks of prayer and seeking God’s direction will culminate in a very special time of commitment. E3D Commitment cards will be handed out and the service will end with each family presenting their financial commitment to the Lord.
Celebration Sunday – April 11
Celebration Sunday will be an exciting time when the total amount pledged will be announced to the congregation. We will celebrate God’s provision.
First Fruits Sunday – April 18
First Fruits Sunday will mark the beginning of the three-year “giving season.”  We are praying that God will inspire our church family to collectively receive the largest cash offering in local church history. E3D Testimony cards will be handed out at this service.
E3D is the chosen abbreviation for this campaign. It stands for Eastview in Three  Dimensions, referring to the three focused areas (worship, prayer, & giving) in which we are encouraged to be liberal & aggressive.