Step by Step Giver Guides
Giver Guide – How to Give Online
1.Select our Online Giving page.
2. One time donors can enter the amount they wish to give and  click “Go.”
Members can select the “View Donor Portal” to login to their secure donor account. Recurring gifts can be set up if you desire. Please watch the later    portion of the video above for instructions on how to set up recurring giving.
3 Fill in the needed information slots and click submit.
4. You will receive an email confirmation of your gift.
Giver Guide – How to Give with Text to Give

TEXT to GIVE  936-236-6116

Simply text the number above the amount you want to give & to which fund you want to send it.

Example: 50 General

You will receive a confirmation text following your transaction.

Fund Options: Tithing, General, Liberal, E3D, Building, CFC, Children, Youth, Ladies, Men,  Girls, Samuel, Singles, Vanguard, Parking, Quizzing, CB,, NAYC, Mother, Missions, Other

Text to Give Command Words

Text any of the following command words to 936-236-6116.

GIVE – Make a donation.

EDIT – Make changes to your giving account including card or bank information.

KEYWORD – See a list of active fund options.

REFUND – Refund your last gift.