Simply text the amount you want to give & to which fund you want to send it.
Fund Options are:
Tithing, Building Fund, General Offering, Children’s Ministry, Youth Ministry,
Ladies’ Ministry, Men’s Ministry, Girls of Grace, Samuel Generation & Missions.
First time to TEXT to GIVE:
There is a one time set-up process. You will not have to go through this process each time you give.
1. Simply text the amount you want to give & which fund you want to send it to. (Example: 5, Building Fund)
2. You will receive a response with a link where you can set up your personal profile and credit card information..
3. Click or Open the link and enter your personal information on the page provided. Then press GIVE
4. You should see a screen that says Eastview Text To Give was successful.
5. You should receive a text that says “Your giving was successful.”
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                     Step 1                                           Step 2                                      Step 3                                                 Step 4                                              Step 5
                                                                                                                                                                                       You will see this.                  You will get this reply.