All of our members and friends are encouraged to pray for these needs. Our goal is simply to pray more and to lift up the needs of our local church body and community.  Submit your prayer request via the button above.
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Weekly Prayer Meetings
**Held in the sanctuary**
Men’s Prayer – Tuesdays 7-8 AM
Ladies Prayer – Tuesdays 10-11 AM
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Prayer Requests:
Bro. & Sis. Hunt
David & Lanna Lamon
Geno & Di Stevens
Sis. Margie Porter & Family
Raymond & Marjorie Seaman
Edward – Cindy Porter’s Brother
Kathy Burr & Family
Beverly Arnold
Bro & Sis McCall
Sis Linda Hendrick
Randy Stallard Family
Jeff Scott & Family 
Sherry Hyde
Sandy Udderback
Kevin Porter
Jason Davidson
Ray Baxter
Larry Bowers
Tyler Skillern
Leo Castleberry
Nelda & Larry Cox
Jerry & Patsy Shaw
Janet Morehead
John & Faye Pollino
Maria Boonstra
Terry Wayne
Mike Gallard
And others…
Our Leadership Team
Unspoken Requests – He Knows our needs!
Missionaries & Aimers
New Converts
Online Prayer Needs – The Lord knows them by name!
Those dealing with COVID and lingering issues.
Our elderly who are shut-in
Our Church Family
Our Country